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Reviewers say: Beats all the other ebook readers. Fast, easy, high contrast, month-long battery charge, works outside. Most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.
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HD Camcorder
Reviewers say: Rich colors and full HD detail, intuitive controls, fantastic low light performance, well-functioning "Intelligent Auto" mode as well as manual controls, great 25x optical zoom, great image stabilization even when zoomed in.
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Programmable Switch
If you’re looking for a way to save money on energy costs in your home, almost 700 customers highly recommend this product. It features easy programming options that works with incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lighting, as well as ceiling fans and pool pumps. One reviewer said “It is remarkable that Aube/Honeywell built such a degree of flexibility into a small package like this. I think this product is very well thought out, and I recommend it”.
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LED Keychain Light
Has three different light modes: high, low & strobe. Reviewers say: "This light is handy in so many ways: lighting your way at night in dark rooms, looking for something dropped on a floor…" "Very solid. No worries about this flashlight falling apart!"
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Garage Door Remote
Who doesn’t like the convenience and security of having a garage door opener at home? This remote features a one button design that is compatible with Lift Master garage door openers. It can be used as a replacement, or as an extra remote. Reviewers say that it is very easy to program, works great, and is a great value for the price.
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Lithium Batteries
Always having batteries on hand can prevent you from cursing when the remote stops working. This 12-pack of batteries has a ten year shelf life, and promise to provide long-lasting power. One reviewer said “These are as good as (or better than) "name brand" batteries at the big drug stores and cost WAY less”.
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Auto Code Reader
Figure out why your "Check Engine" light is on with this device. It enables you to read diagnostic trouble codes from the on-board computer of your car. Reviewers say: "I can't stand the concept of paying $100 just to have someone hook up a little cable underneath my dash to clear out a light. This badboy will pay for itself the first time your check engine light comes on."
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12V Power Adapter for Cars
Converts car battery power for use through a typical three prong outlet and 2 USB ports. Reviewers say: "I do a lot of car traveling for work and this product is great because I can charge my laptop and my phone at the same time."
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Car Battery Monitor
Plug this into your cigarette lighter to monitor the voltage of your vehicle's batter & charging system. Reviewers say: "This meter is ideal for determining when it is time to turn off the radio to reduce load on the alternator." "You can leave it plugged in all the time for a constant monitoring of your electrical system voltage while driving and parked."
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Automotive Computer and Fuel Gauge
A 3-in-1 automotive computer. Scans trouble codes and monitors any part of fuel economy you could think of, from fuel cost to average speed. Reviewers say: "I really like the fact that ScanGauge displays all kinds of engine data in real time. Other devices such as the CarChip save it and then need to be connected to a computer in order to access the data."
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Phone & GPS Mount
Fits directly into your car's CD slot. With this device's ball joint, you can position your phone vertically or horizontally, tilt it back and forward, up and down. Unlike windshield mounts, this dash mount doesn't obstruct your view & is super easy to access. Might not be ideal for every phone, but works great with iPhones and other smart phones.
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Speaker Wire
Functional, reliable speaker wire. Nothing fancy, but it'll get the job done. "All I can say is that it was plenty long enough for my applications, and my speakers sound great using it." Perfect for home audio systems.
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Cigarette Adapter for Motorcycles
Plug this into your motorcycle battery to charge or power your phone, GPS, or other devices. "The cord is nice and long so you can place it wherever you wish on your bike, and it has a weather cap if you wish to mount it permanently." "This is a VERY handy accessory to have if you have quick disconnect / SAE ends on your battery wiring."
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Circuit Tester
A superb tool for anyone doing electrical work on cars, for professional or DIY use. Reviewers say: "Using this power probe I can perform an electrical diagnosis task in 5 minutes that would have taken me 30 minutes using a DMM and jumper wires." "As a car audio/security technician I can't praise this product enough…I will reach for the Power Probe 9/10 times."
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Audio Cable
3.5mm to 3.5mm male stereo cable, perfect for iphone/ipad connections.
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Extension Cord
High quality, heavy duty extension cord that remains flexible even in cold weather. The ends even light up when it's being powered. Reviewers love this cord and don't regret paying the extra buck for it. Perfect for construction and yard-work applications (i.e. powering heavy duty tools).
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Bookshelf Speakers
Impressive technical Jargon aside, these speakers sound like butter and look fantastic on a bookshelf. Made with real wood. Reviewers say "Instruments sound like they should, male voices aren't nasal or chesty, and the highs are soothing rather than sibilant and tinny. I have never heard a speaker this nice at a price this low."
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Simple Projector
Reviewers say: “I recommend it to anyone that needs a projector and doesn't want to spend a lot of money to get one. ” "Even in a room with mid day sun the picture is still bright and clear. ”
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Printer / Scanner / Copier / Fax
We've all burst a blood vessel over an incompetent printer before. Hopefully, this one will rid you of frustrations and related health issues. Reviewers rave about this all-in-one printer's outstanding print quality and breathtaking photo-printing abilities.
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Floorstanding Speaker
Boom for your buck. Reviewers say: "Crisp highs, crystal clear voices, and very high detail with an open sound." "If you are an audiophile on a budget then these are for you."
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Digital Shower Radio
If you love to sing in the shower, this radio will provide the background music. It is water resistant, includes a bracket for easy installation, and features a large back-lit LCD display. One reviewer said “The sound quality is very good, and the signal reception is excellent”.
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HDMI Cable
Don't spend more money than you need to on an HDMI cable, and get this one. Picture quality "will be absolutely the same" on most cables, "whether the cable costs you $1 or $1,000." A home theater installer says: "I would use them in my own system, and I use them with all of my customers."
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Home Theater Speakers
Reviewers say: Astonishingly crisp sound, super-tight bass. "Movie explosions or thunder shakes the couch" and you can "hear fingers sliding over the guitar strings."
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Wireless Mouse
Reviewers say: Works great for weeks on one AA battery. Tiny wireless USB receiver.
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Velcro Cable Ties
Reviewers say: These Velcro cable ties are "the most convenient, adjustable, reusable, reasonably-priced cable organization solution."
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TV mount
Reviewers say: Works great on TVs from 30" to 56", easy instructions. Much cheaper than other wall mounts of this quality.
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Power Strip
12 outlets, surge protection, flat wall plug, good design, good price.
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Home Theater Projector
Reviewers say: Full-on movie theater in your house/apartment. "Crisp details corner to corner." Bright enough to use even with ambient light. Projectors have improved a lot in the past few years; this one is much better than $5000 projectors from a few years ago.
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Waterproof iPod Shuffle
No case needed. Not quite sure how they do it, but apparently it works great. Reviewers say: Listening to music makes swimming much more enjoyable. Works perfectly after many hours of use.
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Tiny Portable Speakers
Reviewers say: These 3.5 inch speakers pack an impressively loud punch with great sound quality and surprisingly strong bass.
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Digital Bathroom Scale
Reviewers say: Extremely accurate (within 0.2 pounds), easy to use, measures instantly, wide platform, large LCD dislpay, low profile (1 inch), 440 pound capacity, sleek design, killer customer service.
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Laptop Stand
Reviewers say: Use with external keyboard+mouse and avoid neck strain. Attractive ("Looks like it was designed by Apple"), sturdy, right height. Keeps the laptop cool. Plenty of room underneath for papers and stuff. Perfect fit for Macbook Pro.
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HD 3D Plasma TV
Reviewers on Amazon and home theater forums say: This TV has possibly the best picture quality on the market, is very easy to use (good menu system), and no issues with motion blur. Perfect for sports, games, and movies. Great price for such an awesome TV
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AA Battery Charger
This is a charger for the batteries listed right there, to the right. I'd been using this charger for 3 years until it was sadly lost last week. I've already ordered a replacement. You can't go wrong with this item.
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AA Rechargeable Batteries
Using rechargeable batteries will save you money. Especially useful for peripheral photography/video equipment, e.g. flashes & audio recorders, as well as, well, anything that requires batteries--remotes, flashlights, bicycle lights, etc. Reviewers say: "They hold their charge a long time, and they last longer than other rechargeables."
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Clickpen Stylus for Touchscreen Phones & Tablets
Unlike typical touchscreen styli with rubber tips, this pen's micro-fiber tip is "virtually indestructible," making it a truly superior choice in the stylus market.
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Wireless Camera
This wireless camera works during the day and at night (it has night vision!). It can be used as a security camera for your home/business or as a baby monitor.
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Audio Contact Cleaner Spray
This stuff deoxidizes your cable contacts and improves electrical connections so you can maintain the clean, clear sound you like.
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Laminating Machine Combo Pack
Comes with 12 laminating starter pouches. Reviewers say "Simple and small, but so powerful." "It is well worth getting if you do a lot of laminating." "Very easy to use. I don't have to use a cardboard sleeve with the pouches in the machine."
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iPhone/iPod Stereo
Reviewers say this system has "clear treble, nice deep bass, and even at high volume levels, there is no distortion," and that it is "very loud for its size." Compatible with most iPod and iPhone models.
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Tactile Keyboard
On this mechanical keyboard, "the keys are very responsive and give you great feedback (both audible and tactile) to let you know that keys have been pressed." If you don't like noisy keyboards, then this one is not for you. Reviewers say: "If you're a software engineer hammering on emacs all day, or a writer, I'd say this keyboard will make your life significantly better." "This is the Samurai sword of computer keyboards: precise and well made."
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32 GB SD Card
At 45 MB/s, this is a "smokin' fast" memory card, perfect for serious DSLR camera users. Reviewers "think this card is just the perfect compromise between cost and speed."
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Screen Cleaning Kit
This is the stuff the Apple techs use at the Apple Store to clean iPhone, iPad, and MacBook screens. One user says: "I have eyeglasses, am a prosumer photographer, iPad, iPhone and Apple laptop user. These cloths are like non other. These are in a different league compared to a micro fiber cloths you by in bulk at Costo or Home Depot. These are a much finer fiber."
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HDMI to DVI Cable
Excellent for connecting your computer to an external monitor or TV. Note that this cable only transmits video, not audio. Reviewers say the image quality is superb. "Don't let the low price concern you, as the quality is just fine. Seems like a major waste of money to buy a big brand name cable that would do the same thing at SEVERAL times the price."
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5-Port Networking Switch Use this to add more computers & devices to your wired network. It's also great for gigabit ethernet storage and gaming. Comes in 5-, 8-, 16- and 24-port models. Reviewers say: "The unit runs very cool, is completely silent, and sits elegantly in the background." "I use this with my apple router to power all the other jacks in the house for internet. It is smart enough to power down the ports not being used so you save energy."
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Fake TV Burglar Deterrent
Fool would-be burglars with this fake TV! It may not look like much, but it is designed to mimic the color and light of a real HDTV. Most burglars won’t break into an occupied house, and this product makes it look like someone is home. One reviewer said “I have walked the street at night in front of our house, looks like someone is home watching TV“.
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USB Male to Female Extension Cable
Reviewers say: "Does its job perfectly and much cheaper than the extension cables I priced at Wal-Mart and Best Buy." "This cable did exactly what I needed it to - extend my iPhone cord so I can charge it while lying in bed!"
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A-Male to Mini-B USB Cable
A Top 10 Reviewer says that "on this specific cable, everything is done right, including the price. Just make sure that this is the cable you need, and beware of confusion between Mini-B and Micro-B connectors.
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Audio-Technica Headphones
Reviewers say: Incredible sound quality. Pristine highs, full and nuanced mid-range, huge and flawless bass. Puts most more-expensive headphones to shame.
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USB Wi-Fi Adapter
A quality wireless adapter at a low price. Reviewers rave about this device's easy one-click installation and that the "signal strength is very good and the connection is very stable."
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DVD+R Discs (8.5 GB)
These discs are worth the extra dollars. DVD burners worship this brand, saying that they basically never fail, and if they do, it's due to human error. If you want reliable blank DVDs, then this is for you.
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VoIP Phone Adapter
This basically gives you a telephone line (via internet) without a telephone bill. Works with Google Voice, Callcentric and service providers. Reviewers "highly recommend this device if you have hi speed internet and want to eliminate your monthly home phone bill." "This thing gives you the exact same service that most cable companies are selling in a bundle with cable and internet."
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iPad Back Cover
Protect the backside of your iPad with this minimal shell. Reviewers say that this is a "smart buy for your iPad. It has a snug fit, soft non-slip feel to it, and allows the apple logo to show through. It doesn't add bulk." It also works perfectly your magnetic SmartCovers.
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F-Pin Audio/Video Cable
Use this for TV, VCR, Cable Modem, and Satellite TV connections. Reviewers rave that it's one of the highest quality coaxial cables out there. "This cable is shielded to the point where you could run a magnet over it and it wouldn't affect a TV signal (I've tried!)." "About half the price of the stuff at Home Depot & much better quality."
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A-to-B USB Cable
Works perfectly; no need for expensive "Monster" brand cables at 4x the price.
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Ethernet Cable
High quality ethernet cable at a low price. You can't go wrong. Comes in various lengths.
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RCA to RCA Subwoofer Cable
Gold plated, dual shielded. At a near perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars, you can count on this cable for sound quality and durability. Reviewers rave: "While most RCA cables plug in and remain loose, this cable grips the terminal very nicely. Thanks to the tighter connection, there is a lot more friction which means that the cable is making contact and connecting much better than your standard RCA cable."
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Glass & Screen Cleaning Cloth
Keep your glasses, computer screen & camera lenses spotless with these superb microfiber cloths. Reviewers swear by these cloths: "I took one out, breathed into my glasses and wiped each lens clean…The lenses were cleaned perfectly." "The microfiber will pick up dirt & particulates and absorb them into the cloth. This way you are not rubbing any dirt or grit BACK on your optical surface."
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Lapdesk Laptop Speaker
An all-in-one laptop comfort & entertainment companion. Keeps your laptop cool with a quiet built-in fan, and, with a quick USB connection, broadcasts your music on good quality speakers. Reviewers say: "This is superb if you don't like being chained to a desk, and you're tired of a hot lap from your laptop."
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Digital Body Fat Scale
Measures % body fat, total body water, muscle mass, bone mass and weight. "This product works as advertised, and it really helped me understand where I was with my body. If you track your numbers, it can help you move towards your goal."
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Programmable Lego Robot
Parents love to see their kids building and playing with this Lego kit, which allows you to build any of 4 robots that see, speak, feel and move. One parent says "I see this toy awakening new passion and skill in my son, and for that I have nothing but gratitude." If you have the money to spend, this toy will go a long way in providing valuable, educational fun for your child!
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Digital Radio
Works perfectly as either a kitchen or bedside clock radio. Reviewers say the "reception is great, the displays are clear, the presets work well. It has a lot of other features, like a timer, that we didn't expect, but comes in handy when telling the kids how long their showers should be." The only drawback is the lack of tone control. Some users complain of a sound that is slightly too bass-heavy.
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