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GPS + Heart Rate Watch
Reviewers say: "Excellent workout tool." Distance and heart rate monitoring works perfectly. Other monitors have signal drops. Very accurate GPS and heart rate. Info on screen is very customizable to see the exact info you want. Choose from current pace, average pace, heartrate, distance, lap pace, or dozens of other numbers.
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Exercise Bike
Reviewers say: Exceptionally smooth, gets harder as you pedal faster, perfectly reliable even after 12 years. Comfortable and seat is easily adjustable. Shows miles traveled, time, mph, calories burned, heart rate, etc. Takes some time to assemble but still gets 5 stars.
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Back Massager
Reviewers say: The design gives you great leverage; easily apply a lot of pressure very precisely. "I have used every sort of massage device known to man and this is the last one I will ever have to buy." Perfect for getting the knots out of your back.
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Rowing Machine
Reviewers say: Possibly the best exercise machine period. Used by pros. Extremely well-built and smooth. Full-body workout builds your strength and endurance and helps lose weight fast. Stays in perfect condition even after rowing millions of meters.
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Yoga Mat
Reviewers say: Nice and thick but still light, no signs of wear after over a year, no rubbery smell, no more knee pain from thinner mats. Yoga teachers say this is better than $100 mats.
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Digital Bathroom Scale
Reviewers say: Extremely accurate (within 0.2 pounds), easy to use, measures instantly, wide platform, large LCD dislpay, low profile (1 inch), 440 pound capacity, sleek design, killer customer service.
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Weighted Hula Hoop
Comes in "Regular Adult" and "Small Adult" sizes. Hoopers rave: "Sturdy,comfortable and I am seeing results in my waist as far as tone and tightness." "This is a great product that makes exercise lots of fun!"
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Adjustable Gym Bench
With four different positions, this bench is "a perfect product to use with a dumbbell workout." Reviewers say that it's a "great basic bench, solid, very well built for the price. My husband put it together, but I heard no cursing so I think it was easy."
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Vibram Running Shoe
Everyone has that one friend who wears these everywhere. Why not become that guy? Reviewers say: "I recommend these shoes for anyone that likes to run or jog." "Yes, Vibrams are awesome, they have given me a new running life, and if you've been plagued with running injuries I'd suggest trying them."
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Mini Exercise Bike
Reviewers say that this mini bike provides a "low-key, no-fuss, no-muss way of adding extra activity to your day." It's also great for rehab training.
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Waist Trimmer
Relieves pain, helps you lose weight, no drugs involved. Reviewers say: "With a clean diet and strong workout routine, I could still never slim up my midsection the way I wanted. Adding this really heats up the area and gets the sweat pouring." "For everyday wear, this is also great. It works really good as a girdle and sucks my fat in. It has really helped with my posture as it is almost impossible to slouch with this thing on."
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Balance Board
Reviewers agree that this is a wonderful product for "anyone who needs a good core workout and wants to have better balance." One user raves: "Hands down the most fun piece of exercise equipment I've ever bought."
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Adjustable Dumbbells
Reviewers agree: "These are perfect for a home gym, and they save space and money over separate dumbbells." "Between this set, a pull up bar, and push ups, I don't have to go to the gym anymore."
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This tiny pedometer weighs half an ounce and records steps, distance, calories, fat burned and exercise time. Reviewers agree: "It is a great way to remind yourself how inactive you can become when you work long days behind a desk and make little time for exercise. It is also a good way to realize how far you need to walk in order to reach the daily recommended 10,000 steps (approx 5 miles for the average person)."
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Hand Exerciser
Hand athletes love this device. "You can do multiple different exercises with this to increase grip strength, harden up finger tendons and develop forearm muscles." "It's great as a tool to put fidgeting to good use when your hands are otherwise unoccupied." It can even help guitar players develop finger speed and accuracy.
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Cork Yoga Block
Sustainably-manufactured yoga block. A yoga teacher says: "I recently bought 14 of these blocks for my students to use. The response has been universally positive, so far. Everyone likes the heft of the blocks. They don't fall over when you need them to remain in place. Highly recommended!"
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Slip-free Yoga Towel
Place this towel on your yoga mat (or carpet) to prevent slipping. Reviewers rave: "This yoga towel is amazing, not only does it keep me in place during my pose but it absorbs the excess moisture from my hands, and feet. Down dog problem resolved."
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Indoor Bike Trainer
When the weather sucks, or you want to watch TV while you exercise, you can mount your bike on this machine and start spinning. Reviewers rave: "The greatest feature is the quietness with which it operates." "I put an average of 1200 miles per winter on it and it's always been reliable."
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Foam Roller
Super resilient foam roller, great size for travel. Reviewers agree: "The basic foam rollers will dent in and break down with use, but this product will retain its shape and thus will not need to be replaced."
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Pulse Oximeter
Great for medical personnel and sports enthusiasts; measures heart rate and oxygen saturation. Users say: "It is lightweight and non-constricting (a huge plus for anyone who knows how uncomfortable these fingertip devices can be in the hospital)." "I use oximeters frequently on patients during therapy and this one is quite accurate."
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Hand Weights
Comes in different weights from 2 lbs to 10 lbs. Comfortable to grip -- better than metal and not slipperly like the common vinyl material. Won't mark up the floor or carpet, slightly flat ends prevent rolling.
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Grip Strengthener
Reviewers say: Very high quality hand grippers, not like the ones in sports shops. Comes in different strengths; don't start too high, as even the "No 1" strength is very tough. Try Guide or Trainer first. Will give you superhuman grip.
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Digital Body Fat Scale
Measures % body fat, total body water, muscle mass, bone mass and weight. "This product works as advertised, and it really helped me understand where I was with my body. If you track your numbers, it can help you move towards your goal."
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