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Reviewers say: Lots of room (good for textbooks), lots of compartments, sturdy straps. Comes in 35 different colors/patterns.
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Reviewers say: Widely agreed as the best frisbee/disc. Flys better, more reliable, doesn't bend as easily, sturdy rim, regulation weight.
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Energy Gel
A little extra 100 calorie energy shot for athletes, especially runners and cyclists. Reviewers say: "These are really great for keeping you running longer." "Great for long runs or activities that will take more than 45 minutes - easy to digest and gives you a boost of energy."
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Pain Reliever
Highly recommended for anyone feeling aches or pain. Reviewers say: "If you're not interested in narcotic pain relievers, and are seeking a topical solution instead, give Biofreeze a try. Unlike BenGay and some other topical analgesics and pain relievers, Biofreeze does not leave a lasting odor on your skin and it works almost as fast as you can apply it."
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Kid's Trike
Parents say: "A quality product. Low to the ground so very hard for a little one to tip over. Easy to assemble." Comes in blue, pink or red. Minimum age & height recommendation: 3 yrs, 38".
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Adjustable Basketball Hoop
Adjust the height as your child grows! Parents rave: " It's big, solid, well-build and will last a long time. I especially love that it returns the ball to you when you make a shot. My son plays with it for hours on end and the time we get together shooting hoops is priceless."
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Longboard Skateboard
Ideal for beginning riders. Reviewers say: "Great first board. I absolutely love this board and the design on the underside of it. It rides real smooth and it's easy to control."
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Reviewers say: "This is a great practice ball. Bottom-line: Great synthetic ball with all the response and performance needed for upper-level play."
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Bike Seat
Many riders are impressed with this saddle. Especially comfortable for weightier cyclists. "It takes impact very well and is like having rear suspension on my bike." "It is very comfortable, and the springs work just right to cushion my butt and spine from the big bumps int he road."
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Punching Bag
You'll need well-padded gloves to hit this bag. Reviewers rave: "I think this is the best 100lb bag I've used, even out of the ones at the gym." "Bought this bag and used it pretty often for almost a year now and it's still going strong."
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Telescope Sight
A great finder for amateur telescopes. Projects a series of concentric red circles into the sky, letting you know where your telescope is pointed without restricting field of view. Reviewers say: "The Telrad allows you to easily find a bright star and locate other objects relative to it." "A must have addition to your telescope sighting system."
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Golf Push Cart
Reviewers rave: "This is arguably the Cadillac of non-motorized push carts." "It rolls easily, collapses quickly and stows nicely." "I have saved $510.00 on golf cart fees, so it has more than paid for itself."
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Snorkel Equipment
This snorkel has Pivot-Dry technology that keeps the top of the snorkel closed when submerged, so you don't get a lung full of water. Users say: "When the waves came over the top of your head it closed perfectly. No water got in at all. The goggles were also perfect."
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Weighted Hula Hoop
Comes in "Regular Adult" and "Small Adult" sizes. Hoopers rave: "Sturdy,comfortable and I am seeing results in my waist as far as tone and tightness." "This is a great product that makes exercise lots of fun!"
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Golf Balls
Lots of balls. Low price. Great for beginners. Customers say: "These responded great on the course, even on rough I still could get good lift AND spin." Since they're so cheap, you won't kill yourself over lost balls.
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Inflatable Kayak
Reviewers say: "For those that don't have the space or the budget for a nice fiberglass kayak, the Advanced Elements is the next best thing." "It's comfortable to sit in; my wife keeps on asking if it's OK to inflate it and put it in the water just to nap in."
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Spring Powered BB Gun
Reviewers say: "By far the most accurate spring pistol I have used." "Does not feel cheap, performs like a more expensive model." "Although this pistol is plastic, it is extremely durable; I have dropped it on rocks and cement during games and it still works perfectly." Just don't shoot your eye out, please.
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Table Tennis Set
Play ping pong on any table with this portable, width-adjustable set. Reviewers say: "Worked well with our table at work for those lunch time breaks…would recommend to anyone." "It is easy to use and a great way to keep your kids busy for hours."
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Adjustable Gym Bench
With four different positions, this bench is "a perfect product to use with a dumbbell workout." Reviewers say that it's a "great basic bench, solid, very well built for the price. My husband put it together, but I heard no cursing so I think it was easy."
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Dumbbell Rack
Reviewers say: "If you are looking for a sturdy, easy to assemble, rack that will hold 6-8 pairs of dumbbells, this is a good one to buy." However, some buyers report lamentable packaging issues and poor customer service.
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5-Bike Rack
Reviewers say: "This is a great bike rack if you have a big family." "Easy to attach the rack to the vehicle and also easy to secure the bikes to the rack." Be sure to follow assembly & mounting instructions carefully.
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Sleeping Bag
Big. Warm. Reviewers say: "If you are one of those people that gets cold when camping or you are tired of cheaply made or thin silky bags, this is the bag you are looking for." "It is light and great for backpacking. The price was half of similar bags I viewed and it also had free shipping. A true hidden diamond."
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Sling-Style Bag
An easy access Every Day Carry (EDC) bag, designed to maximize utility when rotated towards front of body. Carry it on "either shoulder, backpack style, front of the body, on the side like a man purse…it's awesome." Take it to work, take it hiking, take it to the ball game. It's waterproof, too.
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Skateboard Ramp Kit
Reviewers rave: "This set is a great starter kit for skateboarding, roller blading, or learning tricks on a bike. It's very, very sturdy and easy to put together, and we love the idea of being able to add on as our son becomes more experienced."
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My friends rode these in college. They are super fun and FAST. Reviewers love them too: "It seems whenever I hop on it I always have on of the best rides I have ever had." "The ride was smooth, the board turned really well and overall this board is amazing!"
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Neck/Face Mask
Reviewers say: "I purchased the Neofleece for an extended trip to the interior region of Alaska. The temps are as low as -30 degrees below zero. I have felt NO cold on my face. I can breathe easily. It is so light-weight." "Keeps the nose, face, and neck toasty even in zero degree weather. Very durable construction, mine has seen some abuse and has held up great. It totally rocks!"
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Golf Bag
Reviewers rave: "It has the perfect amount of storage, super light, extremely pleasing aesthetically, and all around impressive." "Feels very comfortable when carrying on the shoulders fully loaded. Straps are nicely padded."
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Speedminton Set
From the manufacturer: "Speedminton, a new dimension in racquet sports, combines tennis, badminton, and racquetball and is endorsed by 2006 U.S. Open Champion Maria Sharapova." Want to give it a try? Reviewers say: "I am a big fan of tennis and badminton and this game is a little of both. Fun, fast and addicting!"
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Bike Bungie Net
Secure items in your front or rear basket/rack. Reviewers say: "This net is absolutely ideal for carrying groceries using your bike rack." "It works especially well for tying down oddly shaped loads."
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Rechargable Bike Headlight
Reviewers say: "It is plenty bright for street riding even at the lowest setting, and the high setting is bright enough to ride through the woods." "This is really a must have for someone who rides at night."
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Bike Air Horn
More than 100 decibels of bike horn goodness. Reviewers say: "It's loud, and really does get attention when needed!" Simply refill the air canister with a normal bike pump.
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Fishing Reel
Boasts a "Baitfeeding System" that allows fish to run with the bait without you having to open the bail. Reviewers rave: "This is one of the finest reels I have bought in recent years." "Very smooth action and drag." "The bait feeder function is awesome. I can lay my pole down on the rocks and don't have to worry about the fish taking my rod." Superb for saltwater fishing.
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Super-Soft, Absorbant Towel
Super-soft, lightweight microfiber towel pulls water from hair and skin more quickly than 'normal' towels. Great for traveling, camping, or every day use.
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Bolt Action C02 Pistol
.22 Caliber. Great for target practice & shooting small pests. Reviewers say: "This little pistol is dead-on accurate." "I've had mine for a little over a year now and it is still accurate, powerful, and easy to use."
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Cycling Shorts
Reviewers say: "I'm 50 years old and have been cycling in earnest for over 25 years…I can say that these shorts are the good stuff." "These are quality shorts at a great price." "This is the most comfortable & best performing pair of cycling shorts I've owned."
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Swim Goggles
Great for recreational use, as well as for racing. Reviewers say: "I have been swimming regularly for than 20 years in the US and overseas, so I have tried many goggles…These are comfortable, do not leak, and the field of view is wider than other goggles I have used."
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Vibram Running Shoe
Everyone has that one friend who wears these everywhere. Why not become that guy? Reviewers say: "I recommend these shoes for anyone that likes to run or jog." "Yes, Vibrams are awesome, they have given me a new running life, and if you've been plagued with running injuries I'd suggest trying them."
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Pitching Machine
An excellent training device; works with baseballs, fast pitch softballs, poly balls and wiffle balls. One baseball coach who uses this machine says: "All the teams I have coached in the past 3 years hit better than the other teams in our city league…The kids get to know their zones and it saves your arm!"
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Mini Exercise Bike
Reviewers say that this mini bike provides a "low-key, no-fuss, no-muss way of adding extra activity to your day." It's also great for rehab training.
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Paintball Set
Everything you need to start paintballing, except paintballs. Reviewers say: "Overall a great set, I would recommend to anyone thinking of getting into the sport."
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Waist Trimmer
Relieves pain, helps you lose weight, no drugs involved. Reviewers say: "With a clean diet and strong workout routine, I could still never slim up my midsection the way I wanted. Adding this really heats up the area and gets the sweat pouring." "For everyday wear, this is also great. It works really good as a girdle and sucks my fat in. It has really helped with my posture as it is almost impossible to slouch with this thing on."
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Players swear by this ball. "This is the best basketball I've ever played with." "When I take it to my regular Saturday morning games, it's always chosen as the game ball." "Very soft in your hands, you feel in control the entire time."
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26-Function Bike Tool
Complete & compact. Reviewers say: "Covers all of my bike tool tech needs." "Perfect size and a great number of tools. Fix and adjust your bikes on the road."
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Balance Board
Reviewers agree that this is a wonderful product for "anyone who needs a good core workout and wants to have better balance." One user raves: "Hands down the most fun piece of exercise equipment I've ever bought."
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Adjustable Dumbbells
Reviewers agree: "These are perfect for a home gym, and they save space and money over separate dumbbells." "Between this set, a pull up bar, and push ups, I don't have to go to the gym anymore."
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Legit Dartboard
This is like a dartboard that they have at fancy bars. The kind the pros play on. Self-healing fibers so it doesn't get acne. Reviewers say "The Blade III is simply one of the best Dart Boards you can buy. Seriously; you could invite a professional over like Raymond van Barneveld or Phil Taylor and be proud of this board."
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Bike Trailer
Stick your baby (or dog) in this thing and go for a ride. "My son is so happy in his little buggy now, we are able to go on much longer rides because he is more comfortable in this than the booster seat!" "If you want safe, comfortable transportation, this is it."
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This tiny pedometer weighs half an ounce and records steps, distance, calories, fat burned and exercise time. Reviewers agree: "It is a great way to remind yourself how inactive you can become when you work long days behind a desk and make little time for exercise. It is also a good way to realize how far you need to walk in order to reach the daily recommended 10,000 steps (approx 5 miles for the average person)."
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Hand Exerciser
Hand athletes love this device. "You can do multiple different exercises with this to increase grip strength, harden up finger tendons and develop forearm muscles." "It's great as a tool to put fidgeting to good use when your hands are otherwise unoccupied." It can even help guitar players develop finger speed and accuracy.
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Pocket Water Microfilter
Reviewers rave: "This is the best portable water filter I have ever used. Great for camping or emergency situations. I highly recommend it." "Well worth the money."
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Cork Yoga Block
Sustainably-manufactured yoga block. A yoga teacher says: "I recently bought 14 of these blocks for my students to use. The response has been universally positive, so far. Everyone likes the heft of the blocks. They don't fall over when you need them to remain in place. Highly recommended!"
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Propulsion Scooter
This 'propulsion' scooter is powered by wiggling your body from side to side. It's really fast and, though it was designed for kids, it can hold an adult up to 150 lbs.
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Inflatable Boat
Reviewers rave: "If you love being on the water but don't have a lot of spare cash, this boat is perfect. It is just as good as any rowboat. Is incredibly stable in the water." Holds up to 3 people; comes with pump and 54" aluminum oars.
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Utility Cord
This is the stuff they use in the Army. Very strong and durable. Reviewers say: "Great stuff for car emergency kits, bug out bags, camping gear, around the house, etc."
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Slip-free Yoga Towel
Place this towel on your yoga mat (or carpet) to prevent slipping. Reviewers rave: "This yoga towel is amazing, not only does it keep me in place during my pose but it absorbs the excess moisture from my hands, and feet. Down dog problem resolved."
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3-wheeled 'caster' scooter. Keep your feet on the scooter and propel yourself forward by swaying side to side. Kids love it, reviewers agree. "And it is a good workout for them. All their friends want to try it out."
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Indoor Bike Trainer
When the weather sucks, or you want to watch TV while you exercise, you can mount your bike on this machine and start spinning. Reviewers rave: "The greatest feature is the quietness with which it operates." "I put an average of 1200 miles per winter on it and it's always been reliable."
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Pedal-less Bike
This pedal-less 'running' bike it great for youngsters with no riding experience. Reviewers agree: "The perfect bike to teach a kid balance and how to ride."
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Paintball Feeder
Fast, efficient hopper upgrade for your Tippman 98 Custom, Alpha Black Elite or Project Salvo marker. Reviewers say: "This add-on is essentially a requirement. You will never break another ball in your feed or barrel ever again."
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Drifting Machine
Drift and spin like crazy due to the rear caster wheels. This isn't the trike you grew up on. Reviewers say: "My son says there are very few things that are better than the Rip Rider." "It's so much fun, with the 160 lb weight limit, I must admit to taking quite a few spins myself."
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Cycling Pedals
These pedals have two sides: one with clips, one clip-less. So they're great for both short and long rides, and great for city riding. Reviewers say: "These are perfect if you want a set of pedals that you can flip over when you don't want to go all out with the cycling shoes."
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Bike Mirror
Mount this on your handlebar and you won't have to swivel your head around in a busy commute. Easy to install, super durable. "It's easy to find this mirror out of the corner of my eye, and it provides a very good view of what's behind me, both in the traffic lanes and directly behind me in the bike lane."
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Insulated Water Bottle
Reviewers say: " I put steaming hot water in one and 10 hours later it was STILL steaming. I left ice water in another one for 24 hours and there were still remnants of ice in it an entire day later!!"
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Foam Roller
Super resilient foam roller, great size for travel. Reviewers agree: "The basic foam rollers will dent in and break down with use, but this product will retain its shape and thus will not need to be replaced."
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Cycling Helmet Mirror
Mounts on eyeglasses and helmet visors. Reviewers rave: "The acrylic mirror is both lightweight and optically accurate, and is plenty big enough for a wide field of view. If you position it just right, you can see everything behind you with a slight turn of your head."
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Dry Bag
Rafters, kayakers, and outdoors enthusiasts & professionals love these bags. They do exactly what they're supposed to do. "They may cost a bit more but if dryness is your goal this is the bag for you. In a word...quality." Comes in many sizes.
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Pulse Oximeter
Great for medical personnel and sports enthusiasts; measures heart rate and oxygen saturation. Users say: "It is lightweight and non-constricting (a huge plus for anyone who knows how uncomfortable these fingertip devices can be in the hospital)." "I use oximeters frequently on patients during therapy and this one is quite accurate."
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Slip-On Spikes
Simply fit the spike harness around your shoes and safely enjoy some adverse terrain. Reviewers rave: "They're perfect for winter hiking in all conditions, and do surprisingly well not only on ice and snow but also on bare rock." "They're easy to put on when you need them and easy to remove when you're done."
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Bike Stand
A great way to safely store your bike. Cyclists "recommend this product if you are looking for a stand that does not take up a lot of space, and is stable." "It's solid enough to hold the bike for minor work, and getting the bike in and out of the stand is easy with one hand."
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Bottle Cage
Looks like real carbon fiber (it's really aluminum) and securely holds your bottle. Cyclists dig it because it's "stylish and secure." "They do a great job of holding my bottles while I zoom over potholes and railroad tracks with reckless abandon."
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Portable Stove
A great purchase for those who spend a lot of time on the road and don't want to waste money and health on fast-food. Reviewers say: "I was surprised how quickly it heats up, and I do mean heats up!" Warms food up to 300 degrees, plugs into most 12V lighter sockets.
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Portable Folding Chair
Comes complete with a side table & an accessory panel of pockets for your picnic n' camping knick-knacks. It's super comfortable too. One reviewer "had to buy another one of these chairs because everyone wants to sit in it at sporting events and I'm not sharing."
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Splitting Axe
Lightweight & powerful, this splitting axe is designed to maximize one-strike splits. Reviewers rave: "It easily blows away my other splitting axes and mauls." "Swings easily and makes hand splitting less of a chore."
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Near & Far range Binoculars
These binoculars are unique in their ability to focus as close as 20 inches away in addition to far away. Reviewers say: Amazing for bird watching or insect watching. Superb image quality. "Like having a long-distance dissecting microscope in your pocket."
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Fast, Portable Water Boiler
Camping isn't the same without coffee or oatmeal in the morning and hot cocoa at night. And if you've tried to make it over your campfire, chances are, you caught on fire. The Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking system boils water in two minutes, and works in bad weather. All the parts come off and go inside the cup. "This thing is just amazing and easy to use, even my 10 year old operates it with ease!"
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Huge Portable Hammock
You can fit up to four people in this thing and it packs down into the size of a grapefruit. You wish you were in it right now. Forget tents. It's all you need to go camping. Reviewers say "I only use it for one person, but because it's wider than a single nest, after I add a sleeping pad and my sleeping bag and camping pillow, there is plenty of fabric on the sides to protect me from breeze, or just make me feel like a caterpillar."
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Forehead Flashlight
Stop wishing that your jazzercise headband had a lamp on it, get one of these, and go spelunking in a dark cavern. Reviewers say "It weighs almost nothing and has a great click system for angling the lamp in a certain direction. The red light is awesome for not disturbing others at night. For $30, you can't find a better headlamp."
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Swively Two-Wheeled Skateboard
It's kind of like riding an eel. You stand on this thing and swivel the rear wheel with your back foot, and it just propels you forward without kicking. Nice. Reviewers say "Swiveling back and forth is a lot more fun than having to constantly push off with a skateboard. I have had my Ripstik for around six months, and I haven't stopped riding it since!"
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Machete Knife
Whoah. This fearsome, versatile 11.5" machete is made of carbon-steel and it's great for weed-chopping, clearing your campsite, and taking on the trail. Reviewers say it "cuts through 2 inch trees or branches like a knife through hot butter." "Balance is blade heavy and perfect for heavy duty work. Works better than a hatchet."
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Battery-Powered Lantern
Apparently the LEDs on this thing will last you a lifetime. The lantern itself is small but super bright. It outshines "normal 4D fluorescent U-tubed lanterns and a Coleman pack-away LED lantern," according to one reviewer. Others say it's "perfect for small areas" and works "SO well" for camping. It's size to light output ratio is "a force to be reckoned with!"
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Fire Starter
Swedish made, creates a 3000 degree spark (Whoa) to set pretty much anything on fire. Even stuff that's wet. Reviewers say "This Product is a heavy duty life saver. being a self-reliance type and spending time in the woods, this product makes great sense to carry along."
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Electric Scooter
At time of writing, this is THE highest-rated product on Amazon! All 70 reviewers gave it 5 stars. That is some fine scooting right there.
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Razor Scooter
I always wanted a Razor when I was growing up. All the cool kids had them, but I was stuck with an inferior "Super Speeder." This Razor has such a smooth glide, handles nicely, folds down for storage/portability, and looks sweet. It's fun for all ages too. One parent's kids "easily learned to handle and ride…I think it is pretty safe for a ride-on toy." One reviewer says that it has "proven to be a very convenient means of travel for those without a car."
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Solo Raft
Grab one of these, two beers (it's got two deep cup holders), and float in your pool or down the river. Reviewers rave: "We are big people (300+ lbs) and these are comfy, durable, and worked great on the river." "Very comfortable, with a high back and mesh seat that offer plenty of support." "It's the ideal way to enjoy the water."
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Frisbee Alternative
Reviewers say: This disc goes FAR. Takes less effort to throw. "Really hard to describe how amazing and superior this thing over a frisbee."
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Rowing Machine
Reviewers say: Possibly the best exercise machine period. Used by pros. Extremely well-built and smooth. Full-body workout builds your strength and endurance and helps lose weight fast. Stays in perfect condition even after rowing millions of meters.
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Yoga Mat
Reviewers say: Nice and thick but still light, no signs of wear after over a year, no rubbery smell, no more knee pain from thinner mats. Yoga teachers say this is better than $100 mats.
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Exercise Bike
Reviewers say: Exceptionally smooth, gets harder as you pedal faster, perfectly reliable even after 12 years. Comfortable and seat is easily adjustable. Shows miles traveled, time, mph, calories burned, heart rate, etc. Takes some time to assemble but still gets 5 stars.
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Outdoor Party Game
BlongoBall is a hybrid lawn sport in which you basically toss a BlongoBall (two small balls connected by a thin stretch of rope) and try to wrap it around the horizontal bars of the BlonGoal. It's great for backyard family fun, and a challenge for all ages. "I don't normally go for yard games," reviewer Michelle G. Watkins admits, "but this one looked like so much fun, I had to try it. I played at a friends and immediately started searching for my own. I now have the game and everybody loves to play!"
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Bike Tail Light
Reviewers say: Much brigher than other tail lights due to bright LED and large reflector -- especially important during dawn or dusk. Over 50 hours of battery power. Comes with variety of easy mounting methods.
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Backpack Full of Water
For when you're REALLY REALLY thirsty. Reviewers say "Holding 3L of water also means you can go the distance. I can also can hold food, energy snacks, spare tubes and my bike tools too."
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Portable Charcoal Grill
This grill works wonders at the tailgate or at home. Reviewers say of this compact, sturdy kettle: "For hamburgers, medium steaks, shish-kabobs, and small family get-togethers, the Smokey Joe lives up to its family name." "Though this is a portable grill, it is terrific for at home use if you're single, or have a small balcony apartment. It takes very little space, and is easy to maneuver when cleaning time comes."
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Ping Pong Paddle
A good solid table tennis racket. Its slightly heavier weight allows for considerable spin and control. Reviewers agree: "This is an excellent paddle for someone who wishes to transition for intermediate level."
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Anti-Chafe Balm
Fragrance free, sweat-resistant and "dry". Superb product for runners. Reviewers say: "I use it on my long runs and it really helps to prevent chafing and blisters." "It last throughout a three-hour run without feeling sticky or gooey. You can't even tell when it's there, but you can tell when it isn't."
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Massage Stick
Top 10 Reviewer and serious runner Stephen Charme says: "For runners who have lean muscle mass and want a light massage for sore muscles, this works great." Works for swimmers too. One swimmer says: "Great for working out leg cramps, but I also use it on my shoulders, neck, and back….This is a great buy for any athlete."
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Energy Chews
Reviews say: "When I'm riding and hit the wall where my legs are just out of gas (glycogen) I can eat a pack of these chews and within minutes feel relief and renewed energy!" "The Honey Stinger chews are very easy to chew and you don't need water. They don't stick to your teeth either."
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Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat
Designed for high school and college players. Players rave: "This is a wonderful bat for those not really looking for the typical aluminum bat, but wanting more than the traditional wooden bat." "The balance is superb and, like the grip, swinging the bat has a very satisfying feel to it."
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NFL Official Size Football
An excellent ball for playing catch, pick-up games and intermediate level play. Reviewers rave: "Great grip. Good size, and easy to spin when throwing." "The tacky surface almost sticks to your hand while catching and allows for those of us with smaller hands to get a good grip to throw."
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