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Swiss Army Knife
Small enough to fit on your keychain -- just a shade longer than a typical key, and only about 2.5x the thickness. Famously durable. Reviewers say: always carry it and comes in handy many, many times.
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Tiny LED Flashlight
Reviewers say: super bright, good balance between spot and fill. Switch has good feel and can cycle between bright, strobe, and low beam. Less than 5 inches long. Rugged and sleek with long battery life.
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Cordless Dremel
Reviewers say: "Stunned by its power." With so many attachments available, "not much this tool can't do." Cordless is much appreciated; works just as well as corded ones.
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Super-strong Magnets
Among the strongest type of magnets on the market.
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62-inch Tree Pruner
62-inch tree pruner for hard-to-reach branches
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Soldering Station
This kit includes a soldering iron, 10 tips, an extra heating element, anti-magnetic tweezers, and a 5x magnifying lamp.
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Portable Generator
79cc, 4-Stroke, Gas-Powered Portable Inverter Generator.
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Circuit Tester
A superb tool for anyone doing electrical work on cars, for professional or DIY use. Reviewers say: "Using this power probe I can perform an electrical diagnosis task in 5 minutes that would have taken me 30 minutes using a DMM and jumper wires." "As a car audio/security technician I can't praise this product enough…I will reach for the Power Probe 9/10 times."
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Grabber Thing
Da de na de na Inspector Gadget! Reviewers used this for everything from securely reaching things in the top cupboard to cleaning up sticks in the yard. Great for people with limited mobility... or anyone who wants a head start in the race towards cyborg domination.
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Power Drill / Driver
Reviewers say: Powerful, compact, solid, cordless prosumer drill with excellent battery life. If you need a power drill, you can stop looking.
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Gardening Pruner
Reviewers say: "Better than any other brand." Work really, really well for many years without sharpening. "Rolls Royce of Pruners." "Won't use anything else." Used by many professionals.
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