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Moose Toy
Mortimer the Moose is an all-in-one, multi-textured, chewable, rattling, squeaking stuffed animal that's sure to keep your baby entertained. "The moose has so many nice colors to attract my daughter's attention. In fact, as soon as she saw the moose, she smiled and kicked."
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Musical Play Mat
Features a kick-piano, dangling animals and a mirror. Perfect for babies that love to kick, and the mirror captivates them and helps to develop their self-awareness. One reviewer says: "Maggie absolutely loves it. Previously, Maggie would need to be constantly held, but now she will happily spend over an hour or more kicking and playing on this gym. Also, her hand-eye coordination has improved dramatically."
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Wheely Bug
This easy-to-ride toy helps develop motor skills and comes in various animal species other than just a lady bug, and two different sizes. Some parents complain that the "small" version is perhaps too small, so be careful which size you select. One reviewer says: "I'm a pediatric occupational therapist and love to find great toys that allow kids to develop their motor skills. I recommend this all the time!"
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Lego Game
A simple Lego board game that's fun for kids & parents. Build a Lego labyrinth and escort your hero to the center of the board without being eaten by the minotaur! You can make up your own rules, too. Reviewers say: "The greatest part of this game is that my daughter can explain the game play to friends quickly and easily."
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Kid's Trike
Parents say: "A quality product. Low to the ground so very hard for a little one to tip over. Easy to assemble." Comes in blue, pink or red. Minimum age & height recommendation: 3 yrs, 38".
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Piggy Dice Game
A silly & mathematically enlightening game for all ages. One reviewer explains the game well: "Pass the Pigs is a variation on Yahtzee, with the fun little pig dice being thrown into different combinations with various point values." Others rave: "This game has brought 3 generations of our family together for many hours of fun. It is such a portable game…can be taken in your purse for a fun game on the road."
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Classic Red Wagon
Full-size & made of out steel, this wagon will last you and your kids years. Buy it for fun or utility, take your kids riding around the neighborhood or use it to lug your garden tools about the yard. Reviewers "highly recommend this one if you are looking for a wagon that will last and can be passed on to the next generation."
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Lego Tree House
As with any of the Lego Creator houses, this set is "well constructed, can be built three different ways, and has a lot of nice features." Reviewers say this one is reasonably challenging to build & looks great. The only issue is that the interior of the house is claustrophobic and tough to play in. However, if your kids love Lego, they'll love this set.
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Mille Bornes Card Game
The object of this auto-racing card game is to be the first player to drive 1,000 km on an imaginary road trip. Good for all ages. Reviewers rave, "If you've NEVER played it, you must try it…you're in for a treat." "A fun way to get young kids to learn addition of large numbers above 20. Learning how to play will take about 10 minutes."
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Adjustable Basketball Hoop
Adjust the height as your child grows! Parents rave: " It's big, solid, well-build and will last a long time. I especially love that it returns the ball to you when you make a shot. My son plays with it for hours on end and the time we get together shooting hoops is priceless."
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Sequence Board Game
A kids version of Sequence. Requires not only luck but thinking and strategy too. Reviewers say: "If you are ready to move on from the incredibly boring memory games then Sequence is for you! My 3 1/2 year old loved this!" "It is very simple and easy to learn (a three year old could definitely play this) and a good first game to start learning about strategy (you need four in a row to win)."
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Kid's Slide
Good for both inside and outdoors, this slide is big, durable, and easily stored. Reviewers say: "Most people might not think about this but the angle at which the child slides down is important. The other similar slides we looked at shot almost straight down…However this slide has a little curve at the end which softens the impact and pushes them away from the slide."
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Creatures Card Game
Mix & match the playing cards to create hybrid creatures, like oc-pota-phants and grizzly-mos-ebras, and battle other players. Reviewers rave: "Creatures is simply wonderful. We love sitting around the dining room table with the kids ( ages 8 - 36 ) playing this for hours. The creature combinations are ridiculous and different every time."
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Table Tennis Set
Play ping pong on any table with this portable, width-adjustable set. Reviewers say: "Worked well with our table at work for those lunch time breaks…would recommend to anyone." "It is easy to use and a great way to keep your kids busy for hours."
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Legit Dartboard
This is like a dartboard that they have at fancy bars. The kind the pros play on. Self-healing fibers so it doesn't get acne. Reviewers say "The Blade III is simply one of the best Dart Boards you can buy. Seriously; you could invite a professional over like Raymond van Barneveld or Phil Taylor and be proud of this board."
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Propulsion Scooter
This 'propulsion' scooter is powered by wiggling your body from side to side. It's really fast and, though it was designed for kids, it can hold an adult up to 150 lbs.
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3-wheeled 'caster' scooter. Keep your feet on the scooter and propel yourself forward by swaying side to side. Kids love it, reviewers agree. "And it is a good workout for them. All their friends want to try it out."
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Pedal-less Bike
This pedal-less 'running' bike it great for youngsters with no riding experience. Reviewers agree: "The perfect bike to teach a kid balance and how to ride."
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Drifting Machine
Drift and spin like crazy due to the rear caster wheels. This isn't the trike you grew up on. Reviewers say: "My son says there are very few things that are better than the Rip Rider." "It's so much fun, with the 160 lb weight limit, I must admit to taking quite a few spins myself."
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Kid's Picnic Table and Umbrella
Super durable and sturdy enough for an adult to sit. For cleanup, just hose it off. Perfect for outdoor snack time, arts & crafts, and perhaps coffee and an enlightened conversation with your kids. Reviewers rave: "Folding capability is great! Love the umbrella option. Light weight & so easy to carry. Fits through most doors even when not folded. Highly recommend this table."
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20 Questions Robot That Reads Your Mind
The classic game of 20 questions, except this time around you're matching wits with Artificial Intelligence. Reviewers say: "My son and I chose 'parachute,' 'fart,' 'Frisbee,' 'telephone pole,' 'chainsaw,' and 'bellybutton,' to name just a few, and it guessed each one." "Great game for parties or car trips."
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Swively Two-Wheeled Skateboard
It's kind of like riding an eel. You stand on this thing and swivel the rear wheel with your back foot, and it just propels you forward without kicking. Nice. Reviewers say "Swiveling back and forth is a lot more fun than having to constantly push off with a skateboard. I have had my Ripstik for around six months, and I haven't stopped riding it since!"
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Alphabet Blocks
Reviewers say: "Great size, good quality, attractive primary colors, smooth edges and stack beautifully." No splinters or chipping.
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Razor Scooter
I always wanted a Razor when I was growing up. All the cool kids had them, but I was stuck with an inferior "Super Speeder." This Razor has such a smooth glide, handles nicely, folds down for storage/portability, and looks sweet. It's fun for all ages too. One parent's kids "easily learned to handle and ride…I think it is pretty safe for a ride-on toy." One reviewer says that it has "proven to be a very convenient means of travel for those without a car."
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Beach Play Set
Bucket, shovel, rake & castle mold, all made of durable recycled plastic. Reviewers rave: "The product was more than I could have hoped cheesy handle on the bucket, instead it has a strong rope." "It is nothing like the cheap plastic sets that will bend and disappoint…Worth every penny and will last a lifetime."
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Qwirkle Game
A strategy game where you match tiles by color and shape. Reviewers say: "It fits most age levels which is great. The kids love that fact as well - it's not like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladder which rely on luck. It relies on choices and thinking ahead similar to dominos." "This game is money well spent. I believe that it will help my nephew develop logical thinking skills and strategy development."
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Frisbee Alternative
Reviewers say: This disc goes FAR. Takes less effort to throw. "Really hard to describe how amazing and superior this thing over a frisbee."
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Reviewers say: Widely agreed as the best frisbee/disc. Flys better, more reliable, doesn't bend as easily, sturdy rim, regulation weight.
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Educational Kids Toy
Reviewers say: Pieces snap together like legos, making electrical circuits that cause laser sounds, music, fans, blinking lights, and even a little UFO that takes off in the air. Kids love it, and it teaches electronics easily and intuitively. Comes with a bunch of projects.
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Wooden Building Blocks
Reviewers say: "Every kid should have these!" Very good selection of sizes and shapes. Outstanding quality and workmanship, extremely durable. Edges are slightly rounded for safety. Many reviewers bought a second set when first was such a hit. "The best toy I ever bought."
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Kids Roller Coaster
Reviewers say: Might not look like much to an adult, but kids love it. Kids a couple years old can push the car back to the top and ride down over and over. Car can also be used off the roller coaster. Assemble/disassemble in seconds. "Most thrilling indoor toy ever."
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Kids Building Toy
Reviewers say: "Totally worth the money just to see my three kids sitting there working together to build something." "Easy to use, easy to keep together, easy to knock down. Remarkably good." Teaches about building and geometry. Kids love them and use them every day. Very open-ended. "My daughter constantly amazes me by what she builds."
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Outdoor Party Game
BlongoBall is a hybrid lawn sport in which you basically toss a BlongoBall (two small balls connected by a thin stretch of rope) and try to wrap it around the horizontal bars of the BlonGoal. It's great for backyard family fun, and a challenge for all ages. "I don't normally go for yard games," reviewer Michelle G. Watkins admits, "but this one looked like so much fun, I had to try it. I played at a friends and immediately started searching for my own. I now have the game and everybody loves to play!"
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