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Mini Breadmaker
Bakes 1 pound loaves; perfect for singles, couples and small families. Consensus says that this small, sleek bread maker bakes perfect loaves of bread. If you're looking to bake a bigger loaf, check out the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker.
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Electric Wok
Reviewers say: "Hottest wok I've ever used." High quality and nonstick. Perfect for stirfry.
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iPad Blender
Will it blend? Yes it will; see youtube for proof. Reviewers say: blends everything in a snap. Great smoothies.
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Handheld Blender
Reviewers say: "By far the most solid, smoothest running, and easiest to clean." Blender part pops off and goes in dishwasher. "Works really, really well."
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Pizza Oven Thing
This looks about as "As Seen on TV" as it gets, but hard to argue with 4.7 stars and this many reviews. Reviewers say: Easily cooks frozen or homemade pizza perfectly evenly, and is faster than oven. Choose between crisp, normal, and light crust. Easy cleanup, very durable.
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Pizzelle Baker
Pizzelles are not mini pizzas. They are a kind of yummy traditional Italian waffle cookie. Pizzellers agree: this little guy cooks very quickly and evenly; the pizzelles come out tasting great.
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Cupcake Maker
Cute, colorful, and functional, this thing bakes the perfect cupcakes in 10 minutes. So easy to use, reviewer Michelle's "five year old can make cupcakes practically by herself now." Makes one batch of six cupcakes at a time. We've owned this product for more than 2 years and crank out cupcakes *every week* with no complaints.
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Electric Food Slicer
An excellent slicer for meat, cheese, bread. Restaurant equipment business veteran B. Feldman says: "This is not a commercial machine but it thinks it is. It does a superb job of slicing…it is relatively easy to clean and a great addition to any kitchen."
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Food Proofer
Use this proofer to help make bread rise, make yogurt, melt chocolate, and keep your chips crisp. Reviewers agree: "If you love to bake really great bread, sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, you'll wonder how you ever got along with out this."
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MacGyver Kitchen Machine
It chops, blends, mixes, purees, juices, and shreds. Reviewers rave: "Very compact and super quiet. I don't know how I ever ran my kitchen without this wonderful little workhorse."
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Electric Griddle
Light and thin with enough surface area to cook eggs, pancakes and bacon for the whole family. Reviewers also love it because it can be fully submerged in water, making cleanup easy. Check out the other sizes if this one isn't right for you!
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Pasta Machine
World class, easy-to-use pasta machine. Recommended to anyone interested in making homemade pasta. One reviewer says he and his wife "are eating fresh pasta more frequently, and the pasta it produces--if working with a reliable recipe--garners compliments at our dinner parties."
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Juicing Machine
Reviewers say: "The pulp left over is very dry, so that means that the juicer is extracting almost all of the juice out of the fruits and veggies. " "Easy to clean." "Whether you're an all time juicer or a sometimes juicer, this is a great product for a good price."
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Frozen Concoction Maker
Great for margaritas, super easy to use: "You simply fill the ice bin, add the ingredients to the blender jar and punch the button. When the machine stops, pour and enjoy."
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Milk Frother
Reviewers say: "This is an excellent milk frother." "Very simple usage, very simple instructions. It's so easy to make frothed milk now!" Some people, however, complain that it doesn't last.
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Electric Meat Grinder
People "love this grinder - the look of it; the fantastic job it does; the price - everything." Its engine has more than enough power "to do all the duties of a home kitchen (and maybe even of a small restaurant."
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Grain Mill
Start milling your grains today & ensure that your flour is as nutritious and flavorful as possible. A satisfied customer says: "I've had this mill for a few months and it's wonderful. Not a speck of flour on my counter afterward. It's fast and quieter than my vacuum cleaner. It really does do SUPER fine flour all the way to cereal grain. Easy cleanup, easy to store, great capacity."
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Waffle Maker
Simple and effective. Plug it in and waffle away. Reviewers rave that it makes "THE BEST" waffles, crispy on the outside, melty on the inside. One long term owner says: "It's been eight years and this waffle maker is still going strong. We use it about once a week and it has never failed to delight us with great waffles. And it's easy to clean too."
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Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, and Sorbet Maker
Want control over the ingredients in your frozen treats? Try this easy-to-use machine. Reviewers rave: "The ice cream is simply wonderful. It has a fresh, pure taste that outshines anything I could purchase from the store."
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Snow Cone Maker
Shaves ice cubes into snow. Looks cute. Your kids will love it. An enthused reviewer proclaims: "This snow cone machine is the best out there. I use it everyday- multiple times a day! And it works lovely." A few customers say it's not super durable.
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Soy and Almond Milk Maker
Also can make raw vegan milks from beans, seeds, nuts and grains. Reviewers say: If you've been considering making your own bean- or grain-based milks, this is what you want.
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Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker
Users rave: It works great for everything - fruit rollups, dried fruit and vegetables, jerky, and herbs. It's also loved by backpackers: "I'm a backpacker and I bought this to make my own backpacking food. So far I've dried broccoli, mushrooms, bananas and pineapples and it's been great!"
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Mini MacGyver
Chop, mix, blend, whip, slice, and julienne. Reviewers rave: "Works quickly and efficiently. In seconds, this will chop onions, peppers, garlic to the mincing stage. It chops cooked ham and turkey to the point it becomes ground. This unit will also chop tough vegetables."
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High quality and durable, this mixer is worth the investment. Reviewers rave: "You want to talk about a solid piece of kitchen machinery? This is the epitome of what "Made in America" used to mean!"
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A good old fashioned whistlin' tea kettle. Reviewers say: "The handle feels sturdy, does not get hot (only warm at the most) and the whole kettle feels well-balanced when lifting and pouring."
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