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Electric Duster Vacuum
Dusty electronics are such a hassle to clean! This electric vacuum duster is designed to quickly remove dust and debris from computers, and other expensive electronic equipment. Almost 1000 customers give this product a 4.7 star rating, noting that “If you're in IT and looking to save costs on canned air, this is the product for you”.
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Auto Code Reader
Figure out why your "Check Engine" light is on with this device. It enables you to read diagnostic trouble codes from the on-board computer of your car. Reviewers say: "I can't stand the concept of paying $100 just to have someone hook up a little cable underneath my dash to clear out a light. This badboy will pay for itself the first time your check engine light comes on."
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Portable Generator
79cc, 4-Stroke, Gas-Powered Portable Inverter Generator.
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Car Battery Monitor
Plug this into your cigarette lighter to monitor the voltage of your vehicle's batter & charging system. Reviewers say: "This meter is ideal for determining when it is time to turn off the radio to reduce load on the alternator." "You can leave it plugged in all the time for a constant monitoring of your electrical system voltage while driving and parked."
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Automotive Computer and Fuel Gauge
A 3-in-1 automotive computer. Scans trouble codes and monitors any part of fuel economy you could think of, from fuel cost to average speed. Reviewers say: "I really like the fact that ScanGauge displays all kinds of engine data in real time. Other devices such as the CarChip save it and then need to be connected to a computer in order to access the data."
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Phone & GPS Mount
Fits directly into your car's CD slot. With this device's ball joint, you can position your phone vertically or horizontally, tilt it back and forward, up and down. Unlike windshield mounts, this dash mount doesn't obstruct your view & is super easy to access. Might not be ideal for every phone, but works great with iPhones and other smart phones.
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Cigarette Adapter for Motorcycles
Plug this into your motorcycle battery to charge or power your phone, GPS, or other devices. "The cord is nice and long so you can place it wherever you wish on your bike, and it has a weather cap if you wish to mount it permanently." "This is a VERY handy accessory to have if you have quick disconnect / SAE ends on your battery wiring."
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Circuit Tester
A superb tool for anyone doing electrical work on cars, for professional or DIY use. Reviewers say: "Using this power probe I can perform an electrical diagnosis task in 5 minutes that would have taken me 30 minutes using a DMM and jumper wires." "As a car audio/security technician I can't praise this product enough…I will reach for the Power Probe 9/10 times."
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Glass Cleaner
Say good-bye to streaky windows and mirrors! This highly rated cleaner promises to remove dirt, grease, grit, and grime, to leave glass surfaces shiny and streak free. One Reviewer said “Wonderful glass cleaner, leaves no streaks, and windows and mirrors sparkle”.
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Vehicular Battery Maintainer/Charger
This is best-suited for charging/maintaining ATV, waverunner, and motorcycle batteries.
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Garmin GPS Mount
Reviewers say: Anyone with a Garmin Nuvi, Aera, StreetPilot, or Zumo GPS should have this mount. Friction mount works way better than suction cups. Impressively never slides out of place.
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Smart Phone Car Holder
Reviewers say: Great for mounting iPhone, Blackberry Torch, Droid, HTC, etc in your car so that you can easily see it while driving. Very sturdy and doesn't fall off.
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