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Electric Rotisserie
Easy to install, easy to master, this thing spitroasts your turkeys with an electric motor. Simply put, "this rotisserie will make some of the best food you've ever tasted."
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Electric Smoker
Now is not the time to quit smoking. Consumers agree: this smoker is sturdy, easy to use, easy to clean, and does a great job. After a year of ownership, Vine Voice reviewer R. Cipriani is "still IN LOVE with this smoker.. what a gem."
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Meat Tenderizer
It might look like the face of a government building, but it actually tenderizes steaks and other meats, while opening them up for marinade to soak in. Cleaning can be intensive, but, nonetheless, meat-eaters agree that this as an "excellent product."
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Food Thermometer
Reviewers say: Never overcook meat, poultry, or fish again. Also great for baking. Reads instantly and accurately.
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Reviewers say: Versatile and sturdy, good locking mechanism, nylon head doesn't scratch pans.
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Portable Gas Grill
Reviewers say: Even heat, high quality, plenty hot to sear steak, fits six 1/3 burgers with room. Much more convenient than charcoal.
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Fish Turner
Flip your fish with this fish spatula. One reviewer says: "This is a fantastic fish turner, and I have tried several. I am a professional chef and this turner is wide which is great for larger cuts of fish. I use this on saute pans and also to turn the fish on a grill." Also works great for veggies, pancakes, quesadillas, crepes, hash browns, etc.
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Burger Press
Makes the perfect patties of any thickness. Hall of Fame & Top 50 reviewer Tim Riley raves that "the world could use more kitchen products like this one. Well designed, well made and well priced."
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