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Dumbbell Rack
Reviewers say: "If you are looking for a sturdy, easy to assemble, rack that will hold 6-8 pairs of dumbbells, this is a good one to buy." However, some buyers report lamentable packaging issues and poor customer service.
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Adjustable Gym Bench
With four different positions, this bench is "a perfect product to use with a dumbbell workout." Reviewers say that it's a "great basic bench, solid, very well built for the price. My husband put it together, but I heard no cursing so I think it was easy."
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Adjustable Dumbbells
Reviewers agree: "These are perfect for a home gym, and they save space and money over separate dumbbells." "Between this set, a pull up bar, and push ups, I don't have to go to the gym anymore."
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Grip Pads
These grip pads are an alternative to the standard weight lifting gloves.
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Hand Weights
Comes in different weights from 2 lbs to 10 lbs. Comfortable to grip -- better than metal and not slipperly like the common vinyl material. Won't mark up the floor or carpet, slightly flat ends prevent rolling.
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Grip Strengthener
Reviewers say: Very high quality hand grippers, not like the ones in sports shops. Comes in different strengths; don't start too high, as even the "No 1" strength is very tough. Try Guide or Trainer first. Will give you superhuman grip.
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